January 6, 2024

Top 10 Absurd Superhero Sidekicks You've Never Heard Of

Top 10 Absurd Superhero Sidekicks You've Never Heard Of

While everyone knows iconic sidekicks like Robin or Bucky Barnes, the world of comics is home to some hilariously obscure superhero sidekicks that have somehow flown under the radar. Get ready to meet the top 10 absurd superhero sidekicks you've probably never heard of:

1. Squirrel Girl's Squirrel Sidekick, Tippy-Toe

  • Yes, you read that right. Squirrel Girl, known for her ability to communicate with squirrels, has a trusty squirrel sidekick named Tippy-Toe. She's not just any squirrel; she's a superhero squirrel!

2. Bee-Man's Sidekick, Puppy

  • Bee-Man, a hero who controls bees (of all things), is accompanied by his loyal sidekick, Puppy. Why a bee-themed superhero has a dog sidekick is anyone's guess.

3. The Inferior Five's Merryman

  • The Inferior Five were a group of less-than-super superheroes, and their sidekick Merryman was even less super. He had no powers and dressed like a jester, making him stand out in the most unusual way.

4. Matter-Eater Lad from the Legion of Super-Heroes

  • Tenzil Kem, also known as Matter-Eater Lad, hails from the 30th century and can eat literally anything. His sidekick status comes from his bizarre ability to consume inedible objects.

5. Doorman's Door

  • Doorman from Marvel Comics has the power to create interdimensional doorways, but his sidekick is, well, a door. It's as if he needed someone (or something) to hold the door open for him.

6. Color Kid's Color Kid

  • Color Kid, a member of the Legion of Substitute Heroes, could change the color of objects. His sidekick was... another Color Kid. They could change the color of things together, which, as you can imagine, wasn't the most practical power.

7. The Defuser's Fly

  • The Defuser is known for his ability to defuse bombs, but his sidekick is simply a fly. It's unclear how a fly can assist in bomb defusal, but comics can get pretty creative.

8. Ambush Bug's Suit

  • Ambush Bug, a DC Comics character, is known for his zany antics. His sidekick is actually his own costume, which he believes is sentient. It provides him with advice and commentary throughout his adventures.

9. Armadillo's Squirrel Girl

  • Armadillo, a Marvel villain with armadillo-like abilities, was once defeated by Squirrel Girl. Since then, he's been an unconventional sidekick to Squirrel Girl, assisting her in various squirrel-related endeavors.

10. Flowerpot Man's Gardener

  • The Flowerpot Man is a British superhero with a flowerpot on his head. His sidekick is his gardener, who takes care of his "flower crown" and helps him tend to his floral-themed crimes.

These absurd superhero sidekicks may not have the fame or powers of their counterparts, but they certainly add a quirky and comical dimension to the world of comics. Whether it's a loyal squirrel, a sentient costume, or a flowerpot-wearing hero, these sidekicks remind us that the comic book universe is full of delightful surprises and oddities.