January 16, 2024

Northern Wonders: A 7-Day Family Road Trip to Northern Canada from Montreal

Northern Wonders: A 7-Day Family Road Trip to Northern Canada from Montreal

Embarking on a 7-day road trip from Montreal to Northern Canada opens up a world of adventure for families seeking to explore the vast and diverse landscapes of the north. This journey is an opportunity to connect with nature, learn about indigenous cultures, and witness some of Canada's most breathtaking scenery.

Day 1: Montreal to Quebec City

  • Depart from Montreal and drive to Quebec City.
  • Explore the historical sites of Old Quebec and enjoy the city's European charm.

Day 2: Quebec City to Tadoussac

  • Travel to Tadoussac, famous for whale watching in the St. Lawrence River.
  • Enjoy a whale-watching cruise and explore the Marine Mammal Interpretation Centre.

Day 3: Tadoussac to Saguenay

  • Head to Saguenay and visit the Fjord-du-Saguenay National Park.
  • Experience hiking, kayaking, or a scenic boat tour in the fjord.

Day 4: Saguenay to Chibougamau

  • Drive to Chibougamau, a small town known for its mining history and outdoor activities.
  • Explore the surrounding lakes and forests, which offer great fishing and wildlife viewing.

Day 5: Chibougamau to Radisson

  • Journey towards Radisson, a gateway to the James Bay region.
  • Visit the Robert-Bourassa hydroelectric generating station and learn about hydroelectric power production.

Day 6: Radisson and the Cree Villages

  • Explore the nearby Cree villages and learn about the indigenous cultures of Northern Canada.
  • Experience traditional activities and gain insights into the Cree way of life.

Day 7: Return to Montreal

  • Begin the journey back to Montreal, reflecting on the unique experiences and natural wonders encountered in Northern Canada.

This road trip offers a unique opportunity for families to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and cultural richness of Northern Canada. It's a journey that combines adventure, education, and awe-inspiring landscapes, making it an unforgettable experience. Remember to plan your accommodations and activities in advance, and be prepared for longer driving stretches in remote areas.