January 28, 2024

Marriage in 2024: Timeless Tradition or Archaic Artifact?

Marriage in 2024: Timeless Tradition or Archaic Artifact?

In 2024, we're facing a question that might make some traditionalists squirm in their well-worn family heirlooms: Do we really need to keep getting married, or is it time to toss this archaic institution into the bin of outdated practices? Let's rip off the veil and see what's really underneath.

Marriage: A Fading Tradition?

Once upon a time, marriage was the ultimate goal, the finale of every romantic movie, the happy ever after. But let's face it, the world has moved on. We're living in an era where independence is celebrated, and personal choices are diverse. Gen Z isn't about walking the beaten path; they're trailblazers, setting their own rules, and marriage, for many, just doesn't make the cut.

The Marriage Script: Who Wrote This Anyway?

For generations, marriage was the script we were all expected to follow: meet someone, fall in love, get married, have kids. But who wrote this script? And why are we still following it blindly? The reality is, this script needs a serious rewrite. We're in an age of self-discovery, personal growth, and, let's be honest, marriage can be a bit of a buzzkill to this journey of self.

Financial Freedom vs. Wedding Bells

Let's talk about the elephant in the room: the financial burden of weddings. In a time when economic instability is a real concern, dropping a small fortune on a wedding seems, well, frankly absurd. The average cost of a wedding could be a down payment on a house, a world tour, or a solid investment in a start-up. Why splurge on a single day when you could invest in your future?

Marriage: A Legal Contract, Not a Love Guarantee

Marriage, in its bare bones, is a legal contract. It's paperwork that binds you to another person, legally and financially. But here's the kicker: it's not a guarantee of love, happiness, or a lifelong companionship. Divorce rates are a testament to the fact that marriage is no fairytale guarantee. So why are we still buying into a contract that has a high chance of not delivering what it promises?

Redefining Relationships: Beyond the Norms

Today's relationships are as diverse as the individuals in them. We've got long-distance relationships, open relationships, polyamorous relationships, and more. The point is, relationships in 2024 are about defining what works for you, not what society dictates. Marriage is just one option on a vast spectrum, and for many, it's not the most appealing one.

Conclusion: To Marry or Not to Marry

In 2024, whether or not to marry is a choice, not a necessity. It's about time we stopped viewing marriage as the default trajectory of every relationship. It's a path for some, but not the only path. We need to embrace the freedom to choose our own adventures in love and life, without the societal pressure of a bygone era's institution. So, do we really need to keep getting married? That's for you to decide, but don't be afraid to challenge the norm and write your own story.